Frequent Task of Speaking


Comparing with Al, Robert definitely have the defect of god fathers' aura. I can't camouflage my intention to own the eyes as a god father, especially while he is sitting down without any expression.
Until I see <<heat>>...
One man does not need to be callous can be cool still.
One man with the strongest heart can be mild though.

     <Amelie from Montmartre>is a story about the titular protagonist,a French girl named Amelie from Montmartre.Amelie has never enjoyed the warmness and happiness of family.Her father,a taciturn doctor,never embraces Amelie except during her medical check-ups.So,every examing time leads to the increase in her heartbeat imediately which convinces her father that she suffers from a heart condition.So,Amelie is isolated from other children.She cannot go to school.Her mother,who is just as neurotic as her father ,dies in an accident which dues to a suicide who threw herself off the top of Notre Dame Cathedral and landed on Amelie's mother.The accident has a very deep shadow on her father,he devotes the rest of his life to building a rather eccentric shrine to his late wife.

Your hobby

  • Playing video game

I love to play video game. I do not consider video game as electronic drugs. Actually I believe it can improve my logical thinking and interactive ability because while playing, I have to thinking about the optimum plan to win the game or reach the checkpoint. What's more, I can also enjoy good music and fascinating story at the same time because many games have amazing soundtrack as well as narrative plot. Therefore, I love to play video games and appreciate them as a kind of artwork.

  • Reading

I love reading. Because it enable me to explore a brand new world every time I read a new book. When I'm reading the book DISCWORLD written by Terry Pratchett, I can't stop imagining about the magic world the characters live in. That's the things that most enchant me-- I can experience life of others that are completely different from me. What's more, reading can also broaden my horizon, I can learn basic knowledge of many field through reading. This offer great help while I meet with new challenges in my own life. So...

The calmness Robert bring us is breathtaking, also charming, the decisiveness he own is absolutely absorbing, the capability he have is undoubtedly make others jealous.
Maybe the love he give, both to his lover and friend, make him a perfect man.

      Being lonely,Amelie let her imagination gallop freely.Also,she develops some strange hobbies,or which can be said funny hobbies.Such as throwing stones along a river,eating strawderries which pricked in her fingers....Her only friend is a goldfish,who is as lonely as Amelie.(No wonder they become friends,houhou,yeah,friendship is build upon common interests and similar situations,Oh god,this reminds xiaolon her,can we be friends??Anyhow,I hope so,Oh,do i run away from this subject,okay,come back).But distinct from Amelie,the fish has enough courage to get rid of all of this stuff,we can see it from its usual jumping out the fish tank.Hence Amelie maybe feels a little ashamed or inferior.She will cream loudly everytime the conceited fish struggles to get out of the small fish tank.Absolutely,it makes her mother mad,and one day the mother can't stand it anymore,she helps the fish fulfill its dream,return to the body of nature.

A skill you want to learn

  • Painting or drawing comic

If I ever have a chance to learn a new skill, I would like to learn how to draw comic or cartoon characters. I was obsessed with comic book and cartoons since I was a child. I particularly love to watch Japanese comic and cartoon and I have been learning how to draw the cartoon characters since primary school. But I know if I want to draw a more vivid character I would have to study the structure of human body and the division of light and shadow in a more systematic way. After that I wish I can draw my own comic story and share it with others. Therefore, I would like to have the skill of drawing cartoon characters.

Surely there are people doubt the decision he make at the end of the movie, rude decision seems contradict the always-feature he own. But the look-like rude action also surely make me deeply like this guy.

       When Amelie grows up,she works as a waitress at a small cafe in Paris.The people around her all seem a little strange(We can understand it,because it is a film,actually we real people are all a little strange,somtimes wo just ignore it.)she has devoted herself to simple pleasures,such as trying to guess how many people in Paris are having an orgasm at one moment(okay,as she tells the camera"Fifteen!",I laughed,yeah,this is a black humor,oh,we come to the atmosphere of the film,we may talk it later).Amelie takes subway to visit her father every weekend.Yes,the subway station is her lucky site,there,she encounter her prince,a quirky young man who collects the discarded photographs of strangers from passport photo booths.She falls in love with him.

The job or career of your future

  • filmmaker

I want to be a filmmaker in my future. Actually I'm now striving for this goal. This thought came from a hard time of mine. I can still remember my hardship during high school. At the time, it's film that save me from desperate and release my pressure. The film of Stanley Kubrick are so critical and philosophical that aroused my reflection, while the films of Wes Anderson are so warm and delightful that heal me from my anxiety. From then on, I want to become a film director or screenplay writer who can always tells a story which can satisfy and comfort people.

An unbreakable character at work, a sensitive friend during family life. How better a man could be ?

     Amelie is very warmhearted.In her lonely calm life,she always trys her best to help others.

Favorite song/painting/poem/book

  • Song

My favorite song is a rock song of an Japanese rock bank call Mongol800, the name of the song is KAMISAMA which names the god in English. The theme of the song is anti-war, hoping humans can be sincere and honest to each other. The song has a special historic background since the band come from OKINAWA of Japan, where one of the worst battle of War World II happened. So the song teach us don't look back in anger but reflect our mistake and cherish today's peaceful world. And through this song I have learnt to stay calm and rational when the Nationalism rise. Therefore the song KAMISAMA is my favorite.

  • Poem

My favorite poem is the poem in Macbeth written by SP. Because when I first heard this poem I was watching the film call Birdman. The script of Macbeth was spoke out from a drunkard when the hero of the film are falling in to desperate. I was amazed by the sadness and desperation conveyed by the script and the shots of the film. After that, when I direct my own short film with my friend, I also add that part of Macbeth scripts in my video to stress the misery tone of the plot. That's the first time I was enchanted by poem and it left great impression on me so it became my favorite poem.

  • Book

My favorite book is The HitchHiker's Guide To the Galaxy written by Douglas Adams. The reason I love this book is the remarkable English humor inside the book which saved me from the anxiety and pressure of my high school study. I was always amused by those funny and imaginative description in the book. What's more, the book also taught me never to stop being curious and keeping on study. I used to hate physics and mathematic and considered them as useless knowledge but I changed my mind after I read this book. It taught me to respect knowledge and do not satisfy of being a fool. It's really an interesting and instructive book.

Not a callous mind , but an warm heart ,even a little irrationality make this character immortal....

       I love this film very much.Okay,let's talk about its atmosphere.The music,yes,the music is my big love(does this word exsit?Who cares?).By coordinating with the warm atmosphere,adjusting to the charming colors,the music takes my soul as soon as it rises.The director Jean-Pierre Jeunet who prefers expressing ideas by unusual characters sometimes even with a little animated cartoon images succeeds in making this film in his own character.The characters in this film is all normal but with a little strange qualities just like we real people.The female leading role,Audrey Tautou has played the role so well that the name "Amelie"impress me deeper than "Audrey Tautou".And Mathieu Kassovitz,the male leading role.Although his screen time is not long,he give me a profound impression too.Okay,let's turn back to the music,once a Korean streetdance crew Expression used this music as their a dance background music,and the dance is a classic work in hiphop history.

The importance of aesthetic ability

  1. The society today are looking for people with holistic ability, so the aesthetic ability is also very important.
  2. Cultivating aesthetic ability enable student to have the basic understanding of beauty and art and help with the way their observe and understand the world.
  3. Cultivating Aesthetic ability can broaden their horizon and release their pressure from their daily work.

      This film is a romantic comedy film.But i felt a little sad while i was watching it.The film moves me so much that i almost cannot stand my tears.I see my life within it.We should be a good person.Amelie's life changes on the same day that Princess Diana dies. Following a series of circumstances resulting from her shock at the news, behind a loose bathroom tile she finds an old metal box of childhood memorabilia hidden by a boy who lived in her apartment decades past. Fascinated by the find, she resolves to track down the now grown-up man who put it there and return it to him, making a deal with herself in the process; if she finds him and it makes him glad, she will devote her life to goodness. If not, too bad. Fortunately,the result is good,she tracks the former occupant down, and places the box in a phone booth, ringing the number as he passes to lure him there. Upon opening the box, the man has an epiphany as long-forgotten childhood memories come flooding back. She trails him to a nearby bar and observes him but does not reveal herself. On seeing the positive effect she had on him, she resolves from that moment on to do good in the life of other people. This results in Amelie becoming a something of a secret matchmaker and guardian angel, as she persuades her father to follow his dream of touring the world (with help from his garden gnome and an air-hostess friend), her co-workers and friends (two of whom she sets up), the concierge of her building, and Lucien, the boy who works for the bullying owner of the neighborhood vegetable stand (whom Amelie delights in taking vengeance upon). But when the film comes to this,I think,if the result is not like this(although it is impossible totally),will Amelie really be under depression from that on,Oh god ,this is unimaginable,I'd better retake this conjecture.

Good qualities/characteristics

  • Honesty

I believe honesty is a crucial quality of people. We should always attach great importance to honesty when we are making friends, looking for partner or falling in love with others. Because I personally believe that a healthy interrelationship between people must be based on trust. A lack of trust will result in a lack of security and finally lead to breaking up of a relationship. Therefore, if one in the relationship is dishonest, trust would be very hard to set up so the relationship can be very unhealthy and fragile. The true companion should always be frank and open to us. Thus I believe honesty is a crucial quality of people.

  • Kind hearted

I personally consider kind hearted as a significant quality of friends. Because firstly, I don't want my friend to be a reluctant people who I can not tell whether he or she are really care about me. But the most important is the kind hearted of my friends may also inspire me to do something good. I remember when I was at junior high school. Me and my friend saw a lame girl sitting on the bridge across the road, begging for money. I felt sympathy for her but I was hesitating about giving money since she maybe a liar. But my friend gave out her money without hesitation since she believe it is the good will that really matter. Her belief deeply moved me and guided me through my life. Therefore...

  • inclusive

The most crucial quality of a friend, I concerned, is inclusive. Because it's easy to see that nobody want a friend who can not stand your different opinion and always tell you what you should do. The respect and understand between friends make up the foundation of friendship. In order to achieve this you should first have a inclusive heart. I used to be a person who like to impulse my ideas and values on others, which made a friend of mine felt very uncomfortable and eventually decided to keep distance from me. Luckily he still told me the reason and gave me some advice. I gradually understood his saying and determined to correct myself. After I learnt this lesson I strongly believed that being inclusive is the most crucial quality of a friend.

       Many people will doubt the proverb‘One good turn deserves another.’But what is the payment of goodness they refer to is something physical,such as money or sth just like that.So,before they think it,they are wrong.The greatest payment return by God to kind people is kindness itself.Because kind-hearted people needn't worry those chores which someone treat as their treasures.Kind-hearted people don't care,how can they be unhappy.So,kind-hearted people are always happy,this is their payment by God!Amalie,though she is always lonely as we think,but actually she is not.She has many happiness in her own world.She sometimes smiles which others cannot understand,this is her own happiness!

Memorable event/celebration

  • Something In Blue premiere

A memorable event that ever happened in my life must be the premiere of the movie Something In Blue in Beijing, 2016. Because it's the first time I witness a premiere of a movie and it's also the first movie about my beloved hometown--Canton. It was set up, shoot and produced in Canton. And all of the character speak Cantonese in the movie. On that big screen I can see those place I familiar with since I was a little kid. I almost burst into tears while watching because of homesick while watching the movie. After screening the director shown up and talked a lot about this movie. He is also a Cantonese. I could feel his passion and love for filmmaking and Canton during his introduction. I love the movie so much and this is the most memorable event in my life.

  • Qingming Festival/the tomb-sweeping day

Qingming festival, which is also known as the tomb-sweeping day, is a very important event in China. We Chinese people attach great importance to our ancestor and our tradition ceremony of honoring them. On Qingming festival, we will go back to our hometown where our ancestor was buried and sweep the tomb for them. We will burn the incense in front of their gravestone and report our life to them. We believe that this may comfort their soul in heaven and we then ask for their bless. The significance of Qingming are not just about memorizing our ancestor but also reunite the family members and strengthen the relationship between the big family. We feel out heart being intimately connected and this may help us to overcome difficulties together during hardship. So the Qingming festival is a unique and important event for us.

  • The 2010 Guangzhou Asian Sports Game
  1. Saw the splendid firework during the opening ceremony from the roof top of my house.
  2. Witness the China women volleyball team won the gold medal in an exciting game against South Korea team.
  3. Be moved by the passion and joyful atmosphere in Guangzhou as the host of the Asian game.
  • Barbecue in childhood
  1. Go with my friend/classmate and math teacher
  2. ate many delicious food
  3. enjoy the sweet dessert made by teacher
  4. have a very happy night
  5. release our pressure after examx3

      Yes,creating our own world is very important.A world only belongs to myself.I don't know what I will fill into the world.Maybe a flower,maybe an idea,maybe an attitude,or a faith.Whatever it is,it should be the most important thing to me.Whenever I am under depression,whenever I am in a deep ocean of anguish,whenever I am reaching to the very verge of despair,I can turn to it,the world,the world of my own.When I am in dark,I am not afraid,because I am also in my little own world.Sometimes when I want to do sth,but most of people don't believe me,even some very good friends,then what I will do,should I give up?Absolutely not,NO WAY!I say I will insist on it even all the rest of the world say "no" to me!


  • Prefer team work or work alone?

For me, I prefer to work alone. There are mainly 3 reasons for my choice. The first is that when working alone, especially on a specific project, I'll be able to arrange my time freely since I don't need to fit with others' schedule. The second reason is that I'm a person who will stick to my own understand and conception towards the work or project and is more likely to make decision by myself. Working alone empower me more rights to make my own decision. Most importantly, working alone means I have to finish every aspect of the work on my own so through this process I may learn many new skills that I cannot learn in teamwork. Therefore I prefer to work alone than working in a team.

  • Want to be the leader or follower?

From my perspective, I want to be the follower of a team. Because firstly, a leader of team should always consider opinions of all members in the team and make a decision that can be accepted by all. But I'm the kind of person who deeply believe in my own judgement and are relatively hard to changed by others, so the decision I make may be not very acceptable to everyone in the team. What's more, while making decision, the leader make take a risk be mainly responsible for the outcome. I'm not dare to take risk and the responsibility may make me feel stressful. In contrast, being a follower enable me to concentrate on my specific work and do my best. Therefore I want to be the follower of the team.


Things you are afraid of/cannot overcome/regret

  • Afraid of uncertainty
  1. I have to arrange all my routes and journey before trip to ensure that I will not get lost and be exposed to danger in a unfamiliar environment.
  2. I must write down my schedule on my diary book to avoid too much uncertainty since I'm afraid I will lose motivation and go on a wrong direction of my life.
  3. The uncertainty will make it hard for me to believe in other's promises and break the relationship of us.

                                                                                                 22 April,2010,deep night

The feature of my hometown

  1. delicious food, dim sum, various kinds of dessert, eat fresh and eat healthy
  2. humid weather, typhoon, rainy, warm, flower can be seen the whole year.
  3. Unique dialect--Cantonese, both modern and traditional, people are inclusive and open
  4. economy mainly depend on light industry, especially textile.
  5. Closed to HongKong and Macaw, have a river cross the city and neat to the estuary

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